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Electrical & Power Info (Apr-May 2014)

E-magazine is also available of Electrical & Power Info and Construction & architecture update magazine.

“Fully interactive and professional looking, e- magazine have proven to be an exciting way to engage with our readers.

Keeping in mind subscriber’s and advertisers extensive travelling schedule and international presence , Our popular e-magazines keep readers and members up-to-date with industry developments, news and events around the world. We regularly feature interviews with captain of the industry, and discuss key industry issues such as diversifications, market scenario, their contribution in the particular sector, business partnering, latest trends etc.

Electrical & Power info magazine is –The Environmental Magazine, is a bimonthly magazine aimed at a readership concerned about the environment, and those who want to know what they can to make a difference.

Era Fame Media Group has forwarded the stride towards to spread environmental awareness.

Paper is a crushed wood product made with the addition of energy, chemicals and water. Many of the chemicals used in the creation of paper have harmful effects on the environment and our lives as well. Reducing our use of wood will permit our forests to serve a more important role – collecting and storing carbon from the atmosphere and ameliorating the build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the resulting climate change –

We also request our readers not to print our e-magazine unless it is absolutely necessary.

Many industry experts are embracing this concept, as India emerge as one of the global leaders in Green Buildings.

Minimize adverse impacts on the environment (air, water, land, natural resources) through optimized building siting, optimized building design, material selection, and aggressive use of energy conservation measures.India has significant opportunity to go the green way and concerted efforts by all the stakeholders is the need of the hour.

Electrical & Power info and Construction & architecture update magazine all set to meet the client’s expectation both in Print & Digital.